tiny teddies

This week’s challenge: Eat animal crackers

No need to ask me twice. I knew this challenge would be over in about the time it took me to eat them. Having just moved back to Brisbane, I’ve been scouring the supermarket aisles for old Aussie favourites and new, interesting products. This is where I came across these guys. The Honey Flavoured TINY TEDDY.

I had to hide them in a tupperware container rather than the original packet as just keeping these in the house proved too tempting for many of my family members and I found out why!! They are so tasty, like I’m talking, really, really tasty.

It takes me back to my childhood days where at primary school (yes, all those decades ago) they were THE coolest new snack. I used to love having the little snack packs in my lunchbox for morning or afternoon tea and felt so sorry for all those kids who were given a piece of fruit rather than these tasty treats. Sadly, this ended up being me a lot of the time but on those magical days were I would find a packet stashed away, it was absolute happiness.

I had forgotten that the tiny teddies had different expressions too – there is Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Cheeky, Silly and Hungry. I guess I always ate them too fast to notice before – there was always the risk that friends would help themselves to a teddy or two.

Eva x

Next week’s challenge: Drink through a straw all day. If you get your hands on a straw which matches your outfit, so much the better.

Challenge Update: 38 out of 39 (staying up to dawn I’ve put on hold) in 53 weeks

The List: http://galadarling.com/article/100-things-to-do-when-youre-upset-the-sad-trombone-list

The search for extra icing on the cake happiness started by trying something new – it was refreshing. I needed something to push me outside my comfort zone. Now I’m working my way through a list of 100 things that will make me even more happy – posted by blogger Gala Darling. Some are hard, some are fun and the majority are challenging.

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