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Well, we are counting down to our big trip to Oz, the long way there, but it’s still important to enjoy those little things day to day, week to week. We’ll look back and realise that we probably should have done and seen a whole lot more. So that’s why it’s important to keep one eye on the here and now and not wish any of these last weeks away. Here are some things I loved recently:

  • Looking a challenge in the face – 10 weeks until my half marathon in Kent – training plan downloaded. Undulating means flat doesn’t it?
  • Sunday Roast – the best thing about a cold summer is that it means that Sundays are still roast days.
  • Doing other things besides work at work – why not join the Dodgeball competition. Surprisingly fun.

  • Fifty Shades (see post to come) – don’t be surprised if your partner gets you this book for your birthday/anniversary/just because it’s Tuesday.
  • Catching up with the girls twice in one week. Priceless.
  • Dinner parties – mid week. And delegating all responsibility (someone has to drink the wine).
  • Amazing adventures – friends that embark on amazing one-year journeys across Europe and Africa. Awesome.

Caz x

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