accessory inspiration and iris apfel

This week’s challenge: Watch videos of flamboyant, successful people like Elton John or Michael Jackson & marvel.

When I think of flamboyant, successful people, a couple of names immediately come to mind – well of course you have Lady Gaga, the epitome of flamboyance, and then you have the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen, in a funny kind of way, and the old school, retro folks like George Michael and of course the cool Elton John.

But then I came across this lady and she is absolutely incredible. The moment I saw her pic, I just knew that I wanted to be like her. And not even when I’m old.

She is Iris Apfel and she is 91 years old and the coolest chick on the block. So cool that The Met hosted an exhibition on her wardrobe, Jimmy Choo named a pair of shoes after her and she also has her own make up collection at MAC.

After I watched a couple of video interviews I was inspired.

“My mother worshipped at the alter of accessories and I got the bug. She always said, if you have a good, little, simple black dress and you have different accessories, you can have 27 different outfits.”

Yes, it was time to bring accessories into my life. Not hard you think but I was the girl with a thousand earrings – just to have only two pairs on constant rotation.

And with this inspiration, I found myself taking an extra 5 minutes in the morning to match my clothes to my jewellery. And you know what, it was fun. Wearing big necklaces (my own, my friends, my sisters) or super big earrings, with bangles or all of the above. It was a whole new era.

So while I will never, ever, be half as cool as Iris, I can carry a little bit of her inspiration around with me wherever I go.

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Eat animal crackers.

Challenge Update: 37 out of 38 (staying up to dawn I’ve put on hold) in 52 weeks

The List:

The search for extra icing on the cake happiness started by trying something new – it was refreshing. I needed something to push me outside my comfort zone. Now I’m working my way through a list of 100 things that will make me even more happy – posted by blogger Gala Darling. Some are hard, some are fun and the majority are challenging.