shaping up – all about brows

I’m no stranger to eyebrow threading although I admit it’s something that I definitely don’t do regularly enough. It always makes me feel pretty darn happy. Just like getting a new haircut or a new dress.

Last week’s challenge: Get your eyebrows shaped

Getting your eyebrows threaded is pretty relaxing but that could be because of the Indian head massage that follows. It’s also quick and relatively pain free. I spend most of my time though wondering how they possibly learn to pluck eyebrows with just two pieces of thread.


I read an article recently which listed all of the things I should be doing to beautify my brows. Shaping your brows was only one of many things on this list so obviously I was still missing a trick or two.

When you have see-through blonde brows and eyelashes like mine you have to tint them otherwise they are just not visible at all. I usually notice the difference immediately and it definitely cuts down on the amount of mascara that I would have to wear. Just before travelling seemed like the perfect time to get them done again especially because I was leaving my mascara behind (eeekkkkkk). Backpacking definitely has it’s disadvantages.

The next suggestion was to define your brows with a light shade of eye shadow just below them to add extra emphasis. Or as my sister suggested use a touch of YSL Touche Eclat instead – is there anything that product doesn’t do? Seeing as my makeup bag is enroute to Australia separately I’ll have to try this one once we meet up again.

Until then, for my travel updates please see – we’ll be posting the first entry very, very soon.

Caz x

This week’s challenge: Spend an hour in a department store sniffing perfume samples. When you find something you like, spray it on a card & drop it in your purse.

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