This week’s challenge: Go out for a milkshake.


That’s nearly all I need to say about this challenge. I’ve been waiting for this week for a long, long time. I’m not a really big ice cream fan (well, I love it but my stomach doesn’t quite share the same feeling) so I had the next best thing – a Frozen Yoghurt shake.

This completely takes me back to my school days (all those gazillion years ago)  when I bought Frozen Yoghurt at the tuckshop when I had lunch money every second Friday. It had to be one of my favourite treats (besides Cherry Ripes) but when I arrived in this big country, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Until recently. Now there are loads of cool frozen yoghurt places like Yoo Moo, Snog and Frae.

The flavour that we went for (Sam wasn’t going to let me do this challenge solo) was Paradise – a mix a pineapple, passionfruit, banana and vanilla frozen yoghurt. I don’t think Sam got more than two sips. It was pretty darn good.

I still want to try out places like:

I think I might need to go on a milkshake crawl over the next month to judge for myself the best milkshake in London. You can’t say that I don’t take these challenges seriously.

Challenge Happiness Rating: Paradise

Caz x

Next week’s Challenge: Appreciate the dinosaur bones at your favourite museum.

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