london – becoming a tourist again

This week’s challenge: Grab a friend, dress up like tourists & go & do all the really schlocky things on offer in your city. Take LOTS of photos, & be sure to flash the peace sign in 70% of them.

It’s not too hard being a tourist in London at the moment. With all the excitement around the games and people dressed in their country colours, you can just go with the flow.

I have to admit something, until recently I’ve been pretty slack in getting through my list of things that I have to see in London. I wrote one about three months ago with the best intentions and have only managed to check off a few things since then. Instead of going to the latest exhibition, I do the washing (yep, this is more true than you think) or I spend my time googling things I could be doing.

So this weekend instead of turning on the computer (until now) or tending to the piles of washing that are currently staring me in the face, I decided to combine checking out some of the Olympics action and being a tourist again.

Watching the Men’s Road Race (with my good British mates Will and Dav) – go Team GB!

Here’s a pic of me on my LOOOONG scenic run through London today with my mate Sacha, checking out St Katherine’s Docks, Tower Bridge and Shad Thames. We didn’t even get lost once.  Next week I’ll be trying out the Sweaty Betty 5km and 10km sightseeing runs, Run Britannia, which are on during the Olympics. Think I’m going to have to work on my peace signs in pics though!

And finally here’s my pocket companion that should accompany any patriotic Australian.

Challenge Happiness Rating: Lots of London Love

Caz x

P.S. And to top off my weekend, I just put on a load of washing.

Next week’s challenge: Stick little crystals on something you use every day. (Wallet, light-switch, key-ring, boots?)

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