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This week’s challenge (number 37/100):  Spend an hour in a department store sniffing perfume samples. When you find something you like, spray it on a card and drop it in your purse.

I cheated and actually did this challenge before I left London. But I had a very good reason – I had never been to Liberty. I lived in London for nearly nine years and the closest I had come to Liberty, which has to be one of the coolest department stores on the planet, was to walk past the front doors on my way to Carnaby Street.

This was a good excuse to window shop. There was definitely no purchasing allowed just days before I set out on my travels (which you can check out here) but there was no harm in looking. It’s a shame that backpacking does not allow for race hats, designer scarves or beautiful London prints. And the Liberty Christmas Shop is worth a visit on it’s own (only seven weeks to go).

Their perfume section though is pretty unique – it houses shelves upon shelves of exotic looking and smelling perfumes. It took me a while to warm up into it with all the people eager to help you find a smell that suited you. My first pick was the brand Miller Harris. I just loved the sound of the raw ingredients used – Sicilian bitter orange, French fir and tree moss but then I  discovered the newly launched perfume, Agonist using 100% natural ingredients inspired by the Nordic climate and culture. Seeing that Norway usually tops the lists on the happiness places to live, I thought that it would be nice to have a little slice of that.

Spraying a little on a card and dropping it into my purse cost nothing, saving myself £100 plus. Every time I opened my bag during the following week, I caught a whiff of the scent which always put a smile on my face. While it didn’t last for too long, I’ve gotten into the habit of finding something new I love, spraying it on a card and replacing the old one whenever I feel like it.

Caz x

Next weeks challenge: Try break dancing (ekkkk)

Challenges completed: 35 out of 36 (staying up to dawn I’ve put on hold) in 43 weeks

The List:

The search for extra icing on the cake happiness started by trying something new – it was refreshing. I needed something to push me outside my comfort zone. Now I’m working my way through a list of 100 things that will make me even more happy – posted by blogger Gala Darling. Some are hard, some are fun and the majority are challenging.

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