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This week’s challenge: Stick little crystals on something you use every day. (Wallet, light-switch, key-ring, boots?)

In primary school I would always spend the weeks leading up to the start of the school year cutting out all the coolest pictures from every magazine that I could lay my hands on to decorate my books. I was trying to remember at what point I stopped being creative with my personal things. Perhaps it was during that transition from primary school to high school where trying to keep up with all the latest hair trends took up all of my time (I swear that my teased up fringe took an extra half an hour every morning).

More and more, our personal things are becoming not so personal – like our iPhones and Kindles, our Blackerries and Macs – and don’t really reflect our different personalities.

This week I was still on a London sightseeing high from last week. This time I checked out some of my favourite places in Covent Garden. My first point of call though was bead and crystal lovers heaven, Beadworks where I picked up some crystals and some of these:

But I didn’t stop there – Covent Garden has such an amazing vibe especially on sunny afternoons when all the tourists are out. I had to quickly walk past these tasty cupcakes at Candy Cakes. Hmmm.

Sitting at the Seven Dials junction I spotted Matilda – the musical!! Before I knew it I was at the box office buying tickets – they are now pinned to my cork board waiting to be used. Very excited.

I passed Kopapa, which I love but I didn’t stop there. I was meeting Emma at DishoomEven those who aren’t big Indian food fans will love this place. We had the House Black Daal, Mahi Tikka (very tasty cod) and Matter Paneer. I’m feeling hungry again just thinking about it.

Here’s a pic from inside Dishoom – like the old Bombay Cafes – whirling fans, large mirrors and lots of portraits hung up on the walls.

So I know I’ve done a lot of eating, sightseeing and shopping but not much personalising so far.

I ironed some of the hot-fix flat back crystals that I bought from Beadworks onto some of my personal things – like my new bright green kindle case and my filofax that I have been using for many, many years. I love my ‘new’ things so am currently looking around for other things to ‘crystallise’. Hmm, maybe a couple of Sam’s things could do with a bit of prettying up.

Challenge Happiness Rating: Love my new skills and my ‘new’ old things!

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Buy a new pair of sunglasses or non-prescription frames. It’s a super-easy (& often relatively cheap) way to evolve your look. Plus sunglasses make for excellent on-the-fly disguises.

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