everything I want

Everything I want – in pictures:

This week’s challenge: Write multiple lists of everything you want. Material possessions, relationships, work, lifestyle, everything. Pin them up by your door so you see them all the time.

I decided that the best way to create my list was on Pinterest. Surprisingly, there are only 19 things on my Everything I Want list – some material items likes like a Macbook (please Santa), bike and juicer; some exercise related activities that I would love to do a whole lot more like yoga and running; travel like trekking Nepal, a safari through Africa and a trip to South America; and then there are those little things like family, friends, harmony and love. Easy.

Challenge Happiness Rating: I’m still smiling.

Caz x

P.S. The second challenge – the Miss J impersonation – didn’t go down so well considering I first had to google who she was. Also “Girl, you walk like a busted-down freight-train.” does not sound right when said in an English accent. Oh well, onto the next!

Next week’s challenge: Go through Urban Dictionary & find some fun/ridiculous new words to add to your vocabulary.

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