things I love about Thursday

  • Building renovation mishaps that mean that you can’t possibly get back to your desk at work… for the whole afternoon.
  • Rock and roll work colleagues who continue their business meetings in the pub downstairs – you know who you are. The troupers.
  • Zumba after a tough day ‘in’ the office. I usually can’t stop laughing – mostly at my own moves. Who can shimmy anyway.
  • Reading my Stylist (best magazine ever and it’s free) and checking out Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow loves Cowshed and Soap and Glory too).
  • Starting the day by taking a bit of time to just sit, relax and meditate Headspace is such an easy way to get started and even for the non-airy-fairy folk out there – it’s just plain practical.
  • Ending the day by coming home to my boyfriend, Sam. Ah. 

Caz x


surviving zumba

I have to admit – this week I was grumpy. And who wouldn’t be after getting back from nearly a month of holidays in sunny Australia surrounded by family, including a mum who looked after all your washing, and arriving back in freezing London to five days of non-stop WORK!!! Yes, that’s right, I had the post-holidays, post-Christmas blues.

So despite all my good intentions, I still hadn’t got my feeling-sorry-for-my-life self off the bed to do any kind of activity come Friday. That morning, when I was sniffling away on the way to work,  is when I knew it had to change. I wasn’t going to cope moping around the house, crossing off each hour until the weekend each week. No, it was time for Zumba.

Extreme I know, but I’ve heard so many good things about Zumba and seeing all the happy people coming out of each class at the gym made me a bit jealous.

Having fun and exercising. Does that really happen?

So Friday night, I dragged myself along to the gym for the first time since getting back and it was kind of exciting. I strutted through those change rooms feeling so proud of myself. In Zumba, I stood near the back and couldn’t do a lot of the moves (how do you get your legs and arms to move in different directions at the same time) but I laughed a lot. And people chatted to me. And I got exercise.

And you know what, I was happy again.

Caz x