trying the splits

This week’s challenge: Do the splits. Or at least try. (Be gentle though!)

Picture by Belovodchenko Anton

This week I’m going to be limbering up and doing lots of yoga for my challenge to do the splits. I already know my ability to do the splits is somewhat limited, but I can’t let that stop me from trying.

There are many, many resources on ‘how to do the splits’ on the web. There are detailed step by step guides which contain lots of pictures of stretches designed to make this happen – the kneeling lunge stretch, reverse lunge split, single leg stretch and straddle split. But if I’m honest looking at these have me feel a little queasy. Are legs supposed to do things like that? All I know is that these peanut m&m’s I’m currently eating (left over from the slumber party last week) are not going to help me do the splits but they are making me feel a whole lot better about trying.

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Sing. Loudly. Badly. Off-key. Whatever you like. It works. 

friends and the better life

I’ve realised recently that sometimes I overlook the little things in life. With my ever-growing to do list and goals that I’ve set myself for the year, I don’t really find the time to stop and relax…. and just hang out in my pyjamas with my best mates.

I started this week by researching what activities I should plan for the my slumber party – movie, party games, cards, manicures, walks, ping pong, flash-light tag? I even found a blog posted by an American mum on ‘how to host the best teen slumber party’. I checked it out twice.

But really ALL I needed was the girls, the four of them, to arrive, get into their pjs (some of them were newly bought just for the occasion) and 24 hours later we were still on the same couch. We talked, cried and laughed a lot. And while I had one too many home-made cookies (yum) and never left the house (extra supplies were delivered), I have lots of happy memories of funny conversations that are still making me laugh out loud at inappropriate moments.

This is definitely ‘the better life’.

Caz x

pillow fights, pyjamas and boy gossip

This week’s challenge: Call a friend & ask them if they want to have a slumber party.

Pillow fights, pyjamas and boy gossip is what slumber parties brings to my mind. The last time I had a slumber party with the girls must have been back at school when we stayed up late, ate too many m&ms and giggled the night away talking about boys and everyone’s latest crush.

What will a slumber party be like now that we all grown up? I’m not quite sure about the boy gossip and can’t see a pillow fight breaking out but the one thing I am really looking forward to is wearing my pyjamas while my friends are over. One of my favourite parts of the day is getting home and putting on my Peter Alexander pyjamas and my very long, very fluffy, woollen socks with poms poms. Heaven.

I’ve called the girls and the night has been organised. I haven’t quite decided on what snacks we’ll have or what movie we’ll be  watching but I do know that there will be pyjamas.

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Throw yourself head-first into a creative project. Something that you’re excited about but which feels a little too big for you. You’ll be so consumed by it that it will fuel you for ages.