my favourite things this week

At seven pm tonight I was at work after a particularly stressful week in the office for our team. After missing my favourite Friday night yoga class, with a headache, and feeling a bit grumpy and angry at the world, I wasn’t in a good way to start any kind of Friday night fun. What I needed was to let it all go so I could start the weekend in a good frame of mind. I needed to be a bit positive about my week – there were lots of good things in there along with the tough work. Here they are:

  • A short week – yet again. I found out that our fellow Americans don’t get any extra time off over Easter so that made me extra appreciative.
  • Seeing All New People. Ok, I did only go because Zach Braff was in it (you know the funny guy from scrubs) but it was actually so clever. He wrote it too – that guy is talented.
  • My new shoes – I have only worn them once this week but just knowing that they are there, sitting in their box, fills me with joy.
  • Emails from my sister – I love getting emails from my sister (this week’s was about birthdays – hers – and clothes – the best kind). She has two little boys so emails only arrive in the middle of the night or during a rare moment that we call spare time.
  • Trying a new recipe. This week, I tried Jamie Oliver’s Moroccan Lamb Burgers. Twice! They took a little under seven minutes to prepare and will totally impress at summer BBQs. Just substitute the burger bun with pita bread.
  • Taylor St Baristas for the best coffee (Australian of course) and LAMINGTONS. For the non-Australians, they look funny I know but you just have to try them.
  • Pay day – today – I love feeling rich for a day.
  • Reading The Hunger Games. Best. Book. Ever.
Happy weekend everyone. Now for a glass of wine.

Caz x

new shoes?

This week I unleashed the shoe shopper in me. There I was back at my favourite shoe shops at opening time. I even happily ventured past the ‘Hotpants: 5 ways’ promotions at Topshop to my own little quiet corner of endless, beautiful, colourful shoes. I even went shopping online after downloading the only shopping apps you could ever need – ASOS and ShopStyle.

But by the end of the week, I was still empty handed. As we set out for our Easter holiday, I felt disappointed rather than excited like I should have been at the start of a five day break with a free pass to eat as much chocolate as you liked (why try to fight it over Easter).

The answer was simple – I still didn’t have the perfect shoes. How could I fail at this task? Unlike all those years ago where I would enter a shop and wait to see what would take my fancy, now I knew what I wanted. Maybe I’m a more grown up shopper? And what I wanted was wedges.

The choice was overwhelming – wedges crossed with trainers? The Clarks wedges – a take on their desert boot?

Or perhaps wedges perfect for the summer sun?

Or perhaps just something metallic?


And then I realised the choice didn’t have to be so difficult. Why stop at just one? Well, maybe one for this week – hello new Clarks wedges in khaki. I can be cool and practical at the same time – yes, I’ve been reading The Hunger Games.

It’s good to indulge yourself every now and then so I’m going to update my super budget for a new pair of wedges every now and then. Hmm, which will be next?

Challenge Happiness Rating: True Shoe Love

Caz x

my guilty pleasure

is SHOES!!!! I have to let you in on a secret. I used to have a shoe shopping addiction. I was known for my early morning, pre-work shoe purchases. The 10-minute walk from the tube to work was torture – past all of those shops – past all of those shoes.

But I have been so good for so long – maybe just a little look won’t be so bad. And maybe a quick try on before work – that can’t hurt, can it?

Caz x