things I love about Thursday

  • Building renovation mishaps that mean that you can’t possibly get back to your desk at work… for the whole afternoon.
  • Rock and roll work colleagues who continue their business meetings in the pub downstairs – you know who you are. The troupers.
  • Zumba after a tough day ‘in’ the office. I usually can’t stop laughing – mostly at my own moves. Who can shimmy anyway.
  • Reading my Stylist (best magazine ever and it’s free) and checking out Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow loves Cowshed and Soap and Glory too).
  • Starting the day by taking a bit of time to just sit, relax and meditate Headspace is such an easy way to get started and even for the non-airy-fairy folk out there – it’s just plain practical.
  • Ending the day by coming home to my boyfriend, Sam. Ah. 

Caz x


things I love about Monday

This week’s challenge: Write a list of things that you appreciate right now, in the present moment. Focus on each of them & let the love inside you well up. Even when things appear to be going really, really badly, there are always things to be happy about.

I think we should all do this everyday. Thinking about the things that we appreciate will make us feel more positive. I’ve tried doing this in the morning and it really works. Here are some the things I love about today:

  • holidays and having random days off to chill out and relax. No one should ever go to work on Mondays. 
  • spring and a bit of sunshine goes a long way to make you happy – just remember that sunscreen.
  • my boyfriend, Sam, who can make me feel better in an instant and looks very cute when he is sleeping.
  • being able to speak to and see my family even though they are on the opposite side of the work – technology you are the greatest.
  • having the opportunity to do so many things with my life – now I just have to decide.
  • flowers, colour and pretty party dresses – hello ASOS.
Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Indulge in your “guilty pleasures”, whatever they are. (Old episodes of America’s Next Top Model, ginger ale, chocolate cake, romantic comedies, etc.)

morning people and loving your limitations

I’ve been down in Cornwall on a long weekend. As much as I love London I also love to get out of London every now and then.

Last week’s challenge was drinking two litres of softdrink and staying up until dawn. Before I even started I knew that this task would definitely not make me happy. I’m one of those morning people that you talk about but rarely see – and I love it.

Being a morning person is pretty cool – you get to have the first bit of the day all to yourself, waking up for work has never been a problem and being able to exercise first thing means that you can feel good for the rest of the day. There have been occasions where I have been known to stay up until dawn but the last time I remember doing this was a couple of years back while trying to impress my boyfriend, Sam, who was pretty new at the time (lucky he was impressed so that’s my job done).

I always push myself to achieve everything that I set out to but I’ve realised that sometimes it’s more important to know your limitations and when it’s ok to bow out. This week I read that staying up all night is actually pretty bad for you – it takes you ages to catch up on sleep and your body constantly craves sugar all the next day to keep you awake. Luckily for me I don’t think midnight counts (the latest I stayed up to last week).

For me, I know I’d rather be up with the surfers (see photo above) than going home with the clubbers.

Caz x


creativity and vintage frames love

Creativity doesn’t come naturally to me but once I had a few fun website ideas there was no stopping me. Some of them were a bit crazy (they didn’t quite make the cut) and some worked (hopefully, you’ve seen them already on this page).

This week, I’ve learned how to use photoshop (and a mac) – just a few simple things like layering and cropping images but enough to be able to create the photos in vintage frames over there on the right hand side. Very fun! And I’m in love with vintage frames. Now I want some real ones for my wall – my next creative project.


My designer (aka the boyfriend) helped me with my new header – something a little ‘cleaner’ as he called it but I think it’s just a little cuter. And it’s pink.

What I’ve learned this week is that your taste changes over time (and even day to day) as ideas develop and concepts form – maybe this is what they call creativity. Now that I’ve got the bug, you’ll probably be seeing a few more changes when I’m feeling like something new and sparkly.

Caz x