not in my dreams

I must have been thinking about this task a lot during the week because I managed to have a romance in my head, while I was sleeping.

There I was in some romantic European city when I met a tall, dark, handsome man who in a thick foreign accent approached from afar, red rose in hand, ‘dinner – m’amour’? Before I had time to answer out of the blue along came my boyfriend, Sam. Yes, in my dream. And even in my dream I realized how lucky to have a lovely boyfriend like Sam and I said ‘Au Revoir’ to Mr France.

During the week, I tried to do little things to up the ante on the romance front. Not that we are completely short of it (yes, we like holding hands) but there’s no harm in remembering to appreciate each other a little more every now and then.

So Sam had told me that romance to him was moonlit walks (see last week’s post), so I gave him just that. Well, not the moonlit kind but more of a fast walk to the tube on the way to work instead of catching the bus kind. It was nice though, we talked and laughed and I ended up getting to work a little happier than I usually would have.

Can’t get better than that.

Caz x

love and romance

This week’s challenge: Have a romance in your head.

My boyfriend, Sam, isn’t happy about this week’s challenge. Have a romance in your head. I think he is worried that I’ll be daydreaming about all those well-oiled, hair-slicked, Fabio-types. Eww. But little does he know that I’m going to think of some very romantic things for us to do. Why should we just keep the romance in our head?

So what do boys think are nice romantic gestures? Well, I think a boys version of romance would be cooking up some bangers and mash and watching an action movie on the couch. But maybe I should ask one.

Sam is sitting here beside me so perhaps it’s a good idea to find out what he would find romantic rather than just guessing for him. Hmm, why haven’t I thought of just asking before?

‘Walks in the moonlight’, ‘staying at a cute country cottage’, ‘log fires’, ‘ice skating’.

Who would have thought – boys do like romance.  Ah, better put those sausages away and get my wooing A-game on.

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Volunteer.