dancing in your pjs

This week’s challenge: Turn up music you really love. Play it so loudly that it soaks in through your skin. Dance in your pyjamas. Feel the pain lift.

Luckily I have got some new groovy pjs because I’ll definitely be able to bring out my best dance moves this week. I’m going to start by downloading some new tunes (I haven’t done that for ages). After a long flight back to London from Australia, I listened to a lot of songs that I absolutely love and make me so happy to listen to!

But just one word of warning, I have been known to sing along with my dancing. Just to give you an idea of my singing ability – my two year old nephew puts his fingers over his ears whenever I break out in song. Kids don’t lie.

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Have a romance in your head.

thinking about others = happy heart

Week one over!

I started this week by doing a lot of thinking and a lot of googling. What could I buy for people to make them happier? After a number of purchases (hello dawn simulator alarm – best inventions in the word) I realised that by the end of the week and lots of presents later I would have totally blown my monthly budget.

Instead of hanging out in my darkened room looking at my computer, I should have really been chatting to my family and friends and just listened to what they needed. Being helpful didn’t actually have to involve spending all my money.

Later during the week, my sister and I decided that we would get our parents on a date day – ahh, so cute! They have even scheduled one in each week now. It really hit home that even after 36 years of marriage you have to make sure you set aside time to spend together! Yes, we are now relationship gurus.

It was funny how little things were appreciated. My excellent babysitting skills were put to good use (yes, I had a baby strapped to me) and I even rustled up a family meal or two (we are talking meals for the equivalent of 15 people – those boys can sure eat). I was surprised about how grateful people were – and it didn’t really take that much effort from me. You know what, I might even keep this up.

While writing this, I can hear my family doing the biggest washing up ever (yes, after my nephew, Max’s, 2nd birthday party). I guess there are times when it’s ok to hide in a darkened room with your computer!

Caz x

being thoughtful

This weeks challenge: Do something good for someone else, even though you may not want to. Do a favour, help them find something, give them an item which will help them in some way. Start the flow of positive energy.

How hard is this one going to be? I’m sure I do nice things everyday don’t I?

Just sitting here thinking about it, I can’t remember the last time that I did something really sweet for my boyfriend, friends and family. Ok, I do little things every now and then (does the washing up count?) but recently I’ve been a bit slack and perhaps even started verging towards taking people for granted. Ekk.

I can remember nice things that other people have done for me though – like getting flowers from my lovely boyfriend Sam, receiving an amazing sending off from my friends before my holiday to Australia and lots of amazing shopping advice from my sis Lanny (who has no time to do shopping of her own with two little boys).

But now it’s time for me to do the same for them (and others). Well, that’s the plan for this week – challenge one. How hard have I been listening to what people actually need… let’s wait and see.

It would be so super cool if you wanted to try this with me. Especially this one – it’s so nice and you might be surprised at how awesome it will make you feel – making other people happy. And guess what you’ll be rewarded next week (check out next week’s challenge below). Yippee looking forward to that one. I might go shopping for that now just to get a head start.

Caz x

Next Week’s Challenge: Eat the best chocolate you can get your hands on. In bed. Or in the bath.