a trip through my profile pictures

I really couldn’t believe how many good memories there were waiting for me in my facebook ‘profile photos’ photo album. Here are some of them (in no particular order):



Snow Day in London – hanging with my sister (this has to be the most talked about day ever in London).





Glasto – the very first time.




Holidays. Cuba!! With the gang. Happy Birthday Amanda. Blurry times in San Fran with Em. Read Yes Man. And ROME!! First holiday with the boy. I was definitely on good behaviour back then. Not so much now.







Achievements: Live on The Racy Knickers.



and hanging out with the Family – just before my sister’s wedding…

Ahhhh, such good times!!!

Challenge Happiness Rating: Lots of happy memories

Caz x

This week’s challenge: Listen to old Motown hits. Come up with dance moves. Wear something sparkly & work it out. (DJ Z-Trip’s Motown Breakdown is an excellent time, too.) 

as a baby

This week I asked my dad to scan me through some photos of when I was little from the family photo album.  He sent me through a photo with them in their younger days so I could see how ridiculously good looking they were (still are, sorry dad).

My dad was also the one that brought these glasses back into fashion – and yes dad you were right, this is why you should never, ever throw anything out.

While looking at these photos of me, my mum mentioned how cute my two little nephews look in photos. I’m sure she didn’t mean that I wasn’t a super cute baby as well of course.

Caz x

inspiration – snapshots from 2012

Everyone needs a bit of inspiration and mine came from my friend Emma. Her and her boyfriend, Peter, have started a new blog Snapshots from 2012 and it sums them up completely – witty, intelligent, quirky and creative. Their photos are very fun and it’s nice to see a different perspective of London and of someone that you know well.

So here’s a pic from me – it’s the view from our window at work.

Caz x