Mah-Na Mah-Na and Florence

Accidently Kelly Street. Do you remember that song? Where friends and strangers sometimes meet. Eighteen years later it still makes me smile – it’s so catchy and upbeat that it makes you feel good in no time.  Try singing it when your stressed and see what happens.

Everyone deep down loves a good sing-a-long, whether it’s the person listening to their headphones on the tube or the people having the SingStar showdown at home (sorry neighbours) or that girl at work that thinks she is all alone in the bathroom.

Singing makes you feel good.

I have to admit singing was easier done drunk but also cheered me up when I struggled through the next day, ‘Ain’t no Sunshine when you are gone’ got me sympathy after a hard day in the office and the Muppets song was a sure-fire crowd pleaser – you’ll always get someone finishing it for you. Mah-Na Mah-Na…

At Florence and the Machine last night I really put my singing to the test.  After listening to her new album, Ceremonials, all week, I realised that it’s fine if you don’t know all the words because it’s kinda more fun to just make them up as you go along! Already I’ve booked tickets to a few more concerts because, if I’m honest, I think people like my voice a whole lot more when they can’t really hear it.

Caz x

dancing in your pjs

This week’s challenge: Turn up music you really love. Play it so loudly that it soaks in through your skin. Dance in your pyjamas. Feel the pain lift.

Luckily I have got some new groovy pjs because I’ll definitely be able to bring out my best dance moves this week. I’m going to start by downloading some new tunes (I haven’t done that for ages). After a long flight back to London from Australia, I listened to a lot of songs that I absolutely love and make me so happy to listen to!

But just one word of warning, I have been known to sing along with my dancing. Just to give you an idea of my singing ability – my two year old nephew puts his fingers over his ears whenever I break out in song. Kids don’t lie.

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Have a romance in your head.