my favourite things this week

At seven pm tonight I was at work after a particularly stressful week in the office for our team. After missing my favourite Friday night yoga class, with a headache, and feeling a bit grumpy and angry at the world, I wasn’t in a good way to start any kind of Friday night fun. What I needed was to let it all go so I could start the weekend in a good frame of mind. I needed to be a bit positive about my week – there were lots of good things in there along with the tough work. Here they are:

  • A short week – yet again. I found out that our fellow Americans don’t get any extra time off over Easter so that made me extra appreciative.
  • Seeing All New People. Ok, I did only go because Zach Braff was in it (you know the funny guy from scrubs) but it was actually so clever. He wrote it too – that guy is talented.
  • My new shoes – I have only worn them once this week but just knowing that they are there, sitting in their box, fills me with joy.
  • Emails from my sister – I love getting emails from my sister (this week’s was about birthdays – hers – and clothes – the best kind). She has two little boys so emails only arrive in the middle of the night or during a rare moment that we call spare time.
  • Trying a new recipe. This week, I tried Jamie Oliver’s Moroccan Lamb Burgers. Twice! They took a little under seven minutes to prepare and will totally impress at summer BBQs. Just substitute the burger bun with pita bread.
  • Taylor St Baristas for the best coffee (Australian of course) and LAMINGTONS. For the non-Australians, they look funny I know but you just have to try them.
  • Pay day – today – I love feeling rich for a day.
  • Reading The Hunger Games. Best. Book. Ever.
Happy weekend everyone. Now for a glass of wine.

Caz x

how to have a happy wardrobe

by guest writer Leanne Lind.

I love sorting and reorganising peoples wardrobes. I even convinced my dad to let me fix his wardrobe (to give you an idea he still has a top from when he was 21 in there!)

If you are the sentimental type maybe enlist in the help of an honest and slightly ruthless friend. Trust me you will thank me once its over!

Now comes the tricky part, I find it easier when you just pull everything out and start from scratch. Have a toss, keep and maybe pile and try anything on that your not sure about or haven’t worn recently. A good rule of thumb is to seriously think about throwing anything out that you haven’t worn in the last year.

Once that’s completed, colour coding tops and grouping items together like jeans, shorts etc makes for a neat, organised wardrobe. Often I find that once this stage is done you can assess what you actually need to finish off your wardrobe. Need new cute ballet flats to go with all those jeans? Or have too many black tops instead of fun bright coloured ones? Its so much easier to see now and make a new list of things you need.

Once this is completed I give my friends clothes I think they will like and give the rest to charity. Cant get much better than that! Friends are often so grateful they will do the same. Now what to do with all those extra hangers? Shopping anyone?