becoming an olympic athlete

Yes, that’s right – I’m going to become an Olympic Athlete – still trying to figure out my sport though but I’m sure once decided there’s nothing to it. Six pack here I come. This week I was lucky enough to go to the Olympics to watch the athletics. I never realised how incredible it would actually be to have the Olympics in my own town. Now that’s it’s here I’ve found myself watching things like BMX Biking, Dressage, Handball and every single kind of Gymnastics possible. Shedding tears with the gold medals winners and screaming my lungs out from the edge of my couch, it’s all been so, so exciting!

This week’s challenge: Buy a new pair of sunglasses or non-prescription frames. It’s a super-easy (& often relatively cheap) way to evolve your look. Plus sunglasses make for excellent on-the-fly disguises.

So where does the Olympics come into my weekly challenge? Well, it was at this very Olympic stadium on Tuesday that my most favourite sunglasses ever broke. Coincidence that it happened in the same week that I was tasked to get new sunnies? Hmm, very suspicious.

Here’s a pic of my cool look at Park Live sporting my broken sunnies minus one sunglasses arm. Lucky, a storm hovered over the stadium so the sunnies weren’t needed for too long.

So getting a new pair of sunglasses means shopping. Won’t say no to that. I started with my favourite place ASOS where I nearly bought the best pineapple shaped glasses, moved onto the Secretsales Ray Ban sale (thanks Florentina) then I followed a great TopShop lead from Emma. I popped down to our local mall (how I manage to avoid this every day is beyond me) but there I was – eyes only on the accessories.

There in GAP (who would have thought) was where I found them – 50% off the 50% price. Perfect. I’m so happy – I’m glad it’s sunny as I haven’t taken them off.

Challenge Happiness Rating: £4.99 Sunglasses Love.

Caz x

Next week’s challenge: Go to a yoga class. Surrender & breathe deep.

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