About Caz

Hello, I’m so excited about writing girlautomatic.

My name is Carolyn but my friends call me Caz, my sister calls me Tabby, my dad calls me Carrie and my mum calls me Carolyn Eva, usually when I’ve been bad. I hear this a little too often, even though I’m on the opposite side of the world and am 32 years old.

I’m from Australia but now live in London which I absolutely love, except for a few days in February, when I forget my umbrella (you should never forget your umbrella) or get stuck on the Jubilee line for a little too long. I live near a park and I have a housemate, my friend Emma, a big white couch and a lemon tree. I like brunches with my friends, trips into the countryside and making whoopie pie’s.

Like most girls I like to do EVERYTHING! I always have a million and one things on my mind and aren’t you lucky because I’d love to share it all with you. Up first is my project to do one new thing per week from the very long list under the heading 100 things (yes, that’s two years) to find things that make me even happier. I’m pretty excited and anyway, how challenging can doing new things that make you even happier be? Maybe I won’t be saying that while trying to do the splits (see week nine).

Here is girlautomatic – thank you for reading.

Caz x

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